The Aislinn Centre provides a mixture of certified, therapeutic, and recreational adult education classes to survivors of institutional abuse and their families. In addition it serves as a supportive meeting place, and a centre of information in regards to issues which affect survivors and their families.


Aislinn Core Principals:

1.       The idea of a safe place that provides a sense of continuity and security.

2.       A sense of community, belonging and knowledge that we are not alone.

3.       A recognition that working with survivors is not simply about filling in forms and providing information but that it cannot avoid the reality and pain that survivors live with day to day.

4.       The content of courses acknowledges what survivors missed as children and the method of delivery is designed to match the needs of this specialized group.

5.       The learning environment reflects the therapeutic benefits of developing trust and belief in others.



Ryan Report and Implementation

10/14/2014 11:06

“We are devastated”: Campaigner and abuse survivor Christine Buckley has died

10/14/2014 11:00